Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Professional Manual Repair with ERD disk


Welcome to Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Professional Manual Repair with ERD disk. This guide is step by step and fully graphical. 

What you will require to do this walkthrough is:

  1. A Windows 2000 Professional CD
  2. A Computer with CD-ROM access
  3. Your Emergency Repair Disk

To start this Repair. First check that the first boot device in your system BIOS is set to the  CD-ROM Drive.

( To find out how to access the BIOS please refer to your motherboard manual or the manufacturer of your Laptop. (The system bios can usually be entered on boot, usually by pressing the F1, F2, F8, F10 or DEL key. Make sure you save the settings before exiting))

If you are unsure or don’t want to enter the BIOS then just test the computer by putting the CD-ROM in the drive and reboot your computer. This is the recommended way to install windows.


Now insert the Windows 2000 Professional CD and reboot your computer. The first menu will now appear, it will say “Press any key to boot from CD….” at this pont press the space bar on the computer.

Now the Windows 2000 setup will begin (This is needed for the repair process)

Now the Windows 2000 Pro setup menu. Press “R” to continue. 

Now the repair options will appear, press “R” again.

Now select “M” for Manual repair.

Now select what you wish Windows to repair using the “UP” and “DOWN” arrow keys and the “ENTER” key to select and deselect. Once you are happy with selection, highlight  “CONTINUE” and press “ENTER”.

Next insert your ERD (Emergency Repair Disk) and press “ENTER”.

As the disk is already in the drive, just press “ENTER” again.

Windows will detect the installation needing repaired, press “ENTER” again to continue.

Setup will now examine your system, and perform all repairs.

Once finished you will have to reboot. Remove the floppy disk first.

You will get the following message if you left the Windows 2000 CD in the drive. Do nothing, as it will go away in a few seconds.

Windows will begin to load…

and load….

and load….

and with any luck you will get the login screen. Input your username and password and click “OK”

Next you should see the desktop. 


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