Microsoft’s Windows 95 Install step by step

Floppy and CD Install on Blank Hard Drive


What you will require to do this walkthrough is 

  1. A Windows 95 CD
  2. A CD-ROM floppy boot disk (Not the Windows 95 boot disk as it has no CD-Rom support)
  3. A Computer with CD-ROM access

A Boot disk with CD-Rom support can be downloaded from here

Of course some versions of Windows 95 where released on floppy, if your is then just boot of this disk or run a:\setup.exe to start the install.

Your Hard Drive will have to be setup and formated.

Boot of the boot disk, you require CD-Rom support.

You will know that Windows install has begun when the following screen appears.

Once the Setup file has been executed, the first screen you will see is the Microsoft Scandisk. Let this complete, if you exit you will exit setup.  
At this point the mouse has become active. Click on continue. If the mouse is not active then press return.
Now Setup will copy files required to install Windows.  
Now you will have the user agreement. Read carefully then click on “YES” if you agree and wish to continue. If you click “NO” then exit will not continue.  
Now the Setup Wizard will appear. Click on “NEXT” to continue. 

Windows will now prepare the directory. This may take some time so be patient.  
Now you have the Windows 95 Setup options. Use typical, as components can be added later on. If you are using a laptop then use the Portable install. Make your selection then click “NEXT”.  
Now you will be asked for your Certificate of Authenticity. This is usually on either the Windows 95 book or the case it was supplied with. On some occasions you may find it on a sticker on the side of your machine. Click “NEXT” to continue  
Setup will now need your username, and Company name. The Company name is optional so you don’t need to put anything in here.Once filled in click “NEXT” to continue   
Setup has now detected some hardware devices. A request to select these devices is made. Leave the boxes blank and proceed by clicking “NEXT”  

Setup will now analyze your computer. Be patient as this may take some time.  
Setup will now want to install Windows Components. Leave as default (Install the most common) and click on “NEXT” to continue.  
It is now time to create a Windows 95 boot disk. Remember this disk will have no CD-Rom drivers. If you don’t have one then leave as default and click “NEXT”, otherwise select “NO” and click “NEXT” to continue.  
Now Setup will wish to start copying files. Click “NEXT” to continue.  
The file copying process has begun. This may take some time so be patient.  
Setup has now finished copying files and is ready to reboot. Click on “FINISH” to continue.  
If there is a floppy disk in the drive, the following message will appear. Remove the disk and click “OK”. Your computer will reboot.  
Windows 95 is now starting for the first time. Be patient this can take some time.  
Setup is now installing hardware. This can take some time.  
If you have a network card and its installed then the following screen will appear. Insert a Computer name and a Workgroup name. Use “WORKGROUP”, it as good as any, but if you are on a network and you know the Workgroup you belong to then use this. Computer Description is optional. Click on “CLOSE” to continue.  
Setup will now continue to copy files.  
Several other items will now be installed.  
Now its time to select your Time Zone. If it is already correct then click close, else change it to your locale. Once done click on “APPLY” and then “OK”. (The “CLOSE” button is replaced by “OK” once you change the location)  
Next the printer wizard will appear, click on “CANCEL” as the printer will be installed at a later date.  
 It is now time to restart again. Click “OK” to restart the computer. 
Windows 95 is now booting with the familiar boot screen. 
Now if there is Network installed this screen will appear, enter your User name and Network password. Click “OK” when ready to continue.  
Now its time to enter a Windows password. If you don’t want to be prompted for this again, or a password on boot, then leave blank and click “OK”. Otherwise enter your password and confirm it, then click “OK”.  
Setup now performs its last job, that of finalizing the settings. This is usually quite quick.  
Welcome to Windows 95. If you are lucky all your Hardware has been installed, otherwise it is now time to install your devices.  

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