How to Reinstall Windows 8 with Small Images

What’s Required for this guide: Windows 8 DVD or installation key. A computer.

To start this Windows 8 reinstall, insert the DVD/install key and boot/reboot your computer, it should automatically begin to run. If not then make sure the drive is set to first boot in the BIOS

Once your booting continue with this guide.


If booting of A USB key, you will skip this screen, if DVD then this is the next screen you will see, press “Any Key” to continue.

The disk will start booting….

First language and keyboard selection, Change as required and click “Next” to continue.

All Versions but Enterprise: Now enter your product key which is located in your retail box or on a sticker on your computer or an envelope.

All Versions but Enterprise: Enter your key and click “Next”

From the next screen click on “Install”

Setup will start

Now the Licence terms.

Read… If you agree click on “I accept the licence terms”, click “Next” to continue.

Now click “Custom Install Windows only”

Now your drive management, You have two drives (Which is common in Windows 7 and 8), the first drive (Drive 0 Partition 1: System Reserved (which is 350 mb in size) is used my Windows, the 2nd (Primary) in our example is where you want Windows to go. Now you have to decide if you are going to do a fresh reinstall (Delete contents of hard drive and old operating system) or a dirty reinstall (Save contents of hard drive and old operating system)….

NOTE: Which ever option you choose, follow the path below. To view images, click on them to enlarge

Fresh InstallDirty Install
Click on Drive options to get the Hard Drive options menu.

Select each drive (One at a time) and click on “Delete”.

You will be warned about data loss, click “OK” if you happy with this to continue.

Once done you will have unallocated space, select it and click on “New”, then select the size you want for the partition you want Windows to be on, and click apply

You will be told that Windows needs an extra partition for system files, click “OK” to continue

Click Next to reinstall Windows

Select the partition you wish Windows to go on (Drive 0 Partition 2 in our example:

Click Next to continue

A warning will appear telling you that any previous operating system, (Its files will be copied to a folder called “Windows.old), click “OK” to continue.

Click Next to reinstall Windows

Continue to next part….

Windows will start copying files

and install features and updates…

 Windows 8 Requirements

Click here
 Recovery Environment?

Click here
 Windows 8 Guides

Click here

Your system will now reboot..

Ignore this…

Windows will ready devices…

It will now “Get Ready”

Then reboot again

Ignore this again

Windows will start loading…

Time to Personalize…

Enter a name for the computer…. Click “Next to continue” 

Settings time, click “Use express settings” to move quickly through, otherwise click “Customize” to continue

Select your settings for updates and privacy, click “Next” to continue

Select your settings for sending Microsoft info…. Click “Next” to continue…

Check online for solutions option and app info sharing settings… Click “Next” to continue… 

Now select your country, language and keyboard input, click “Next” to continue

Finally enter your “User name” (and a password and password hint if you require them), click “Finish” to continue… 

Then reboot again

Finally Ignore this again

Windows will start loading…

Ready itself….

Install more stuff

 and finally to the start menu

The End

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